Heidi Erwin Heidi Erwin

Some of my recent work. If you have questions, shoot me an email!
(Language and AI Project)
UX Design, C#, Unity, Game Design, Art
Spring 2018 - Now
Writer's Block
(Word Puzzle Game)
Game Design, C#, Unity
Fall 2018
#ME Iterative Design
UX Design, Prototyping, User Testing
November 2018
Double Fine Redesign
HTML/CSS, UX Design, Prototyping
October 2018
Shiru Cafe: Personas
UX Research, UX Design
October 2018
Elevator Operator
(Puzzle Game)
Game Design, C#, Unity, Art
August 2018
Granny & Squirtsworth
(Puzzle Platformer)
Game Design, C#, Unity
Spring 2018
(Local Multiplayer Game)
Game Design, Java, Swing
May 2016